Admission of Application for sponsorship from local competitors wishing to participate in races abroad (From 1st September until 30th October)

To promote motor racing development and support local competitors to participate in international races in order to learn from experiences to enhance their skills, the Macao Foundation had, over the past few years, sponsored some local competitors part of the necessary funds to participate in motor races abroad. This measure had relieved the financial burden of the competitors, and encouraged them to compete abroad. Positive results were gained in particular for promoting Macao.

Following the continuous development of motor racing, applications for sponsorships increased significantly. The Macao Foundation has invited the Macau Grand Prix Committee and representatives of the Macau-China Autosports Club to form a group of experts to examine sponsorship applications.

Because the majority of the applicants are not participating in the same races, and their timing of races are also different, the Macao Foundation will, from this year, accept applications from competitors wishing to participate in races abroad from next year. The period of application will be from 1 September to 30 October. Interested local competitors must submit their applications in the said period. They must complete an application form with relevant documents and reference materials that will assist their applications. Applications are submitted to the Macao Foundation, at 6, Avenida da República.

The application form can be obtained from the Macao Foundation, or can be downloaded directly from the website: Inquiries can be made via the Grant Application and Follow-Up Division of the Foundation, on 9880235/236.

(17/08/2006 Macao Post)